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In-House Services

CNC Turning

We have a wide variety of CNC lathes with live tooling and bar feed capabilities to help ensure we can produce your product in the most productive manner. We are capable of turning parts from .050 in diameter up to 12 inches in diameter and up to 23 inches in length.

CNC Milling

We have a wide variety of CNC Mills ranging from your basic 3 axis vertical, to a full 4th axis twin pallet. We are capable of milling parts up to 20" x 40" in size.


We have three hones. We are capable of honing upto a 12" stroke x 16" diamiter.


Our 12,800 square foot facility offers plenty of room for large assembly projects. If you do not want the burden of assembling your machined components we will perform this duty for you. We have experience assembling anything from simple two piece components to 50 piece complex components.

External Services

If your product requires any of the following services, we will provide these services through local well established companies.

Heat Treating