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About Us

Machining Technologies was founded in 1996 and has kept a strong and growing relationship with all of its customers. Our 12,800 square foot facility offers plenty of room for large production projects including everything from machining parts to assembling the final product.


We are located 15 minutes west of Minneapolis, MN in the city of Long Lake, MN. Our facility is 1/4 mile north of highway 12.

Our Mission and Vision Statement.

Our mission is to establish a CNC machine shop to become an industry-leading force in machining and manufacturing.

Leveraging our ability as a female-owned small business to change course quickly at any time, as well as taking customer satisfaction and value-added service to new limits.

We strive to provide our employees, customers, subcontractors, and vendors with a partnership worthy of a long fulfilling relationship.

We clearly understand the need for ever-improving equipment and process technologies. We will invest in the next generation of machines and place tremendous importance on researching and developing cutting edge capabilities.

Machining Technologies, Inc. is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Education and local school districts developing an added piece of curriculum to the STEM programs to include Manufacturing and Machining.